Storytelling is sort of a passion of mine.

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This introvert grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and still lives around the area today. It’s a nice place to live, besides the winter weather. I would say fall is my favorite season. Not too warm and not too cold, for the most part. 72 degrees being perfect.


I had no genuine friendships, bar one. His name was Abraham. My parents dubbed him imaginary and dismissed me. He may have been invisible, but he was real to me. So I proved it. Flour dusted on the floor made my parents angry. Then they saw footprints forming in the particulate.

A Short Story

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Every night we wander into town, hopeful to find food in the large green bins to take home with us. Anything will do, we’re not picky. What we can’t find, we scavenge the nearby forest for. Anything fruity, we don’t hunt, it’s not our thing.

In return, we clean the…

A short story

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July 17, 2047

They call it the Eternal Night. Final Outage. The Dark. There’re many names for it. They all mean the same thing, it’s the end. Not for humanity, not for animals or plants. The end of civilization. …

A Flash Fiction Story

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Earth rotates; orbits the sun. The bright star rises and falls. And people pass by. Working, enjoying, moving through meaningless life with the purpose they created for themselves.

Whether one lives or dies, succeeds or fails, the Earth still rotates; orbits the sun. The bright star still rises and falls…

A Short Horror Story

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A woman named Emily Weathers was found dead in her apartment on July 10th by one of her neighbors. The neighbor said it smelled a mix of sulphur and ash, to which they called the management to investigate. …

A Flash Fiction Story

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Cold water touched my face, streaming down my cheeks, saturating my clothes. The longer I stood there, the harder the rain felt, the more frequent it hit. Almost as if trying to wake me up from this nightmare I’m in.

Hair no longer able to hold water allowed it to…

A short horror story

Photo by Sander Dewerte on Unsplash

Usual hangout spot, predictable conversions, familiar faces. My friends and I, like every weekend night, met downtown to sit on a low brick wall in an alleyway, discussing the latest video games, or which girl from school they were attracted to now.

The same conversations on repeat, with an occasional…

A short story

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The rock soared through the air like it had caught the air and rode it. Gravity reasserted itself, tugging the rock back down towards the earth. It hit the mud, splashing up dirty water around it. …

Zachary Seda

Love creating my own universe. I write short stories and post them here weekly.

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